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Voyage en Afrique

Hello everyone! Thank you to everyone who has come to visit my website so far, I hope you've enjoyed it! If you want a good overview of what is going on here, you can check out my first blog post which explains why I decided to do this. In other news...I am officially leaving to Sierra Leone tomorrow!! It has honestly been nonstop for me and I have had so much to get done before I go. With only so much time in a day, it has certainly been challenging, but I think I am pretty much ready to go! A few days ago, after I had finished my final exam, I was at a cafe and finally had a chance to breathe and process this big project I have been working for months on! SO much has gone into this adventure...reading books and books about birthing (which was definitely unconventional for me), weekly meetings, lots of team building and prayer, and even songwriting...! If you don't already know details about my trip, you can read a quick write-up about it on the main website here. Long story short, a lot is going into this next chapter for Freedom Tree and it's vision in the nation and I am sometimes overwhelmed, but mostly filled with gratitude that I get to play a role in it.

I wrote something in my personal journal I thought I would share with you all here... "This sense of discovering [my destiny] alongside an experience in helping to influence a world-changing culture will come together to produce exactly the position where I am supposed to be at this point in my life." Of course it's going to be risky, of course it's going to be uncomfortable at times, and of course I will feel like I can't do it. But these feelings are necessary for growth, which is something I have been desiring for a while now. So am I nervous? Yes... but I am also facing this with a strong demeanor that awaits the challenges with great expectation and excitement! If you want to follow along the journey, you can like "Freedom Tree" on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter on their official website: . I'll be updating here as often as possible too! Here we go... - j o s i a h

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