professional p r o f i l e:  j o s i a h  s i n a n a n

Completing an undergraduate program in International Relations (with a focus on French and Security and Strategy) in 2017, Josiah has since had a wide range of experiences in the NGO, business, digital media marketing, nonprofit, and political worlds. 

From May to December 2014, Josiah completed an 8-month co-operative education term at the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre, where he developed a variety of skill-based courses designed to re-integrate homeless, low-income, and refugee status Calgarians back into the workplace.

In 2015, Josiah relocated to Paris, France where he undertook a continuation of his degree at the Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris, or SciencesPo Paris, where he took relevant courses pertaining to his focuses in Western Europe, Security and Strategy, and French.  

In the summer of 2016, Josiah undertook an internship with the nonprofit organization "Freedom Tree," operating out of Sierra Leone. Josiah spent two months as a project administrator on the ground in Africa, writing an asset-based and locally sustainable curriculum for villagers combatting infant and maternal mortality in childbirth with a small team. The curriculum is still in use today and has restored healthy birthing practices in numerous villages across the country. Two grants that Josiah wrote for the organization have helped fund a birthing clinic in a remote village severely affected by the Ebola crisis.

From August 2017-November 2018, Josiah held the title of Marketing and Public Relations Manager for MicroMech, a mobile mechanic and tech start-up company in Calgary, Alberta. 

Currently, Josiah works as a Digital Lead for Arcade Studios, a a digital-forward creative agency specializing in content, social media marketing, and digital advertising located in Calgary, Canada. Josiah handles social media strategy, digital advertisement management, and client relations for various clients spanning beauty, nonprofits, fashion, specialty produce, and more industries around the world.

Josiah is currently the host of the podcast, "anticulture", exploring the concept of culture in the Western world. The show is in its third season and is a member of the Alberta Podcast Network. 

Additional projects Josiah has undertaken include various music projects and more.

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