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anticulture - Josiah's podcast project - explores the complex nature of what cultural identity really means in mosaic societies - specifically in North America. Coming from a mixed background and having experienced different cultures worldwide, Josiah created "anticulture" to re-establish the concept of culture that we have developed by (even subconsciously) labeling those around us before we hear their full stories.

The true "culture" of an individual and their lives is only found when we take the time to hear what they have experienced from their own point of view. Background has much to do with it, yes, but it goes well beyond this across our continent.

This season, Josiah interviews everyone from a right-winged business owner in corporate Calgary, to an African-American in Hollywood, to one of the Real Housewives - and learns that even though he may not agree with everyone on everything - their stories are worth hearing. 

Challenge your concept of culture with Josiah Sinanan, this season on anticulture.
New episodes coming this month.

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